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VA – Need a Virtual Assistant? Gain A Valuable Asset!

Virtual Assistants are people trained to perform administrative tasks, such as managing phone calls, setting up appointments, and answering emails you as a busy business owner cannot be bothered with.

With an experienced Virtual Assistant to do these tasks, you can now focus on more important aspects of your business and improve business productivity!

Reasons Why You Should Hire Our Outstanding VAs:

1. High Quality of Work
• You can focus on the key process of your business without compromising the quality of work. We have a team of dedicated Virtual Assistants experienced to perform tasks on a daily with a higher level of competence as they underwent specialized training and have more experience in the field.

2. Flexibility
Have no trouble managing your business even after your regular work hours. We have talented VAs ready to handle administrative tasks, phone calls, emails, and other important stuff so your business is always attended to.

3. Lower Cost
• Regular employees can be paid $15-$20 with added benefits, but with iVoice, it can be anywhere from $— to $—-. Virtual Assistants are paid by the actual hours worked, without you having to worry about the added cost of rent, utilities, and other stuff.

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